We began a tradition on December 1, when Steven proposed. A friend bought us champagne to celebrate and we saved the cork. I tied a tag with the date and event so I would remember.

Nine months later, we are four months into marriage and five labeled corks into a beautiful tradition. We have found it easy to celebrate happy times like engagement and our wedding night. It is good to take a moment to reflect and give thanks when God gives us good things. It is also very easy to celebrate when we are happy.

There are a couple of corks that are celebrations of disappointments. The most recent celebration was for a job in Texas that I had applied for and did not get. A few days after we found out, Steven and I sat down to a bowl of spaghetti carbonara and a glass of white wine and celebrated not the loss, but the joy of our simple life. There are many things in life that we cannot understand. There are many things in life that will cause us sorrow. When all is taken away, one must acknowledge sorrow, mourn the loss, and drink in what joys in life we are afforded. Even if it seems to only be the solace of a small glass of wine with the company of a lifelong friend. We take the good and the bad and acknowledge that we serve a God who is sovereign.