My work

My sensitivity led to one of the best paying jobs I have ever held. Because chemicals like ammonia and bleach cause terrible migraines every time I used them, I researched alternatives and found a pleasant alternative: green cleaning.

I experimented with measurements of vinegar, essential oils, soap, baking soda, and water. I found that green cleaning my house was just as effective as commercial cleaners and never made me sick. So a friend and I began cleaning houses part-time, using our green solutions. The money is good though I am not sure how one files income tax as a sole proprietor. I set my own hours. I choose my clients. Here is the recipe for our all-purpose cleaner:

3 parts white distilled vinegar

1 part water

10 drops of lemon essential oil

15-20 drops of lavender essential oil

Shake often as you use anywhere that needs cleaning and disinfecting. Lemon and lavender essential oil have antibacterial properties. They kill less than the 99.9% of germs that bleach kills, but they kill enough germs to prevent your immune system from being overwhelmed. And they leave behind just enough to strengthen your immune system and prevent dangerous mutations that over-sterilization causes.

Recently, I was ecstatic to learn that Anne LaMott cleaned houses as a starving writer. I admire her style and just finished reading her book on the writing process, Bird by Bird.

Writing is the rest of my work. This blog is no literary gem. Rather, it’s where I write badly to relieve writer’s block. I have a piece of fiction that I work on as time and courage permit. Maybe someday I’ll be able to publish it. And I am a writer and the Submissions Coordinator for New Pilgrim Press.

The magazine, namesake, is a fledgling publication. The first edition will be published online in the spring, with a dream of print publication in the near future. I am always tempted to embellish it a little because I believe it will be more than it is. But the truth is that we meet in a staff member’s basement, write in our spare time, and currently work for free. It is not impressive or even valid work to many, but it is my dream job.

Life is full.