I have been involved with New Pilgrim Press since it was just an embryo of an idea. Lauren sent out letters to those of us who expressed interest in writing back in the summer of 2006. Before the magazine had a name. Before we had a website. Before we had a clear vision.

Almost three years later, we eagerly anticipate the publication of the first edition of namesake magazine. Three years is quite a gestation period, and I feel a great deal like a mother to my little piece of this literary endeavor. Oh, the waiting and waiting and waiting!

Finally, the deadline for writers’ submissions has passed, and I am loving the mess of papers that wait for the stroke of my red pen. These writers are as equally invested as I. I am honored to edit their work.

I wish I could quote Lauren’s rough draft of her Letter from the Editor. Her description of the fruition of a dream is eloquent. Unfortunately, I cannot quote it. Just promise me you’ll read it when the first edition is published.

Dreams are very silly on first impression. I think of Disney’s Cinderella dancing around in rags, in her drafty tower room, among mice and birds for friends, singing, “A dream is a wiiiiiiiish your heart makes…” Ridiculous. She’s in rags. Only half of her friends have opposable thumbs. She is not going to the Ball.

This dream must seem ridiculous. I gained experience in writing and editing when I was on staff with my high school newspaper. New Pilgrim Press has limited funds. Our editor will tell you, she is not comfortable with being in charge. We meet in Becca’s basement. I could go on and on, and I won’t. But I will say that we must seem sillier than Cinderella in rags in the drafty tower room. At some moments, we are.

But we are going to that Ball.

Late spring to early summer, watch for that first issue to arrive. It will initially be available online. However, the goal is to eventually offer namesake magazine in both electronic and print forms. If you haven’t subscribed, please do. You’ll receive a biweekly update letter that highlights the online blog, staff picks, and our progress.


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