Abandon us not to our dashed hopes.
Redeem that which was broken.
The shards of earthen vessel were reduced to powder when I broke.
Gather the dust, mold it with the tears You save in vials.

Reform what we wanted into what we have.
And make our loss a beacon.

Forget not our broken hearts.
Know the race we long to run.
Wash our wounds. Give us salve. Make us heal.

Remember us, God, and right our steps.
Darkness misordered my steps, and I ate the ground.
I spit out mud and she laughed.
Let me not be humiliated, as an illegitimate and abandoned daughter.

But remember me as your chosen one.
Adopted and I call You Abba.

Order your blessing.
I will not less go until You bless me.
Until You dislocate my hip.
Until the dove does not return with an olive leaf.
Until the valley is shaken, burnt, and undone, and I hear Your voice.
I am finite; I am small; I am forgettable.
Remember me.


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