Art journaling

I love seasons. I love the tender growth of Spring, the established green of summer, the changing leaves of fall, and the serenity of winter. I also love how our lives take on a rhythm and seem to be segmented into chapters, almost like a book. I think of Ecclesiastes 3, which says there is a time for everything.

I am beginning a new chapter as fall approaches. The first issue of namesake came, my husband started school, my friend and green cleaning business partner is moving away, and the business has served its purpose for that time in life.

The most riveting novels leave strings untied at the end of each chapter, and I feel I lead a riveting life. As I embark on a new chapter, there is resolution and triumph, yet there are events left unexplained. I sense that the next chapter holds many surprises for us. I hope hope hope they are good ones!

I find myself avoiding anything to do with writing these days. Words overwhelm me at this time, and I wonder if I am beginning a time to be quiet, as it mentions in Ecclesiastes. My friend sent me a link about art journaling. It may be a little far out, but it may be just the ticket for this chapter in life.

I love that God is constant, yet He made us to live in a rhythm. We are not always expected to talk, to laugh, to search. There are chapters in live when we are called to be silent, to mourn, to give up as lost. We are not expected to be God–to be all-knowing, all-powerful, and everywhere. We are expected to walk the section of trail that is before us, to know only what we know, and not try to handle everything and everyone around us. God is able to mourn with His sad children, rejoice with His happy children, discipline His wayward children, reward His faithful children, make plans for His future children, and remember the afflictions and blessings of His children long gone, all at the same time. We, on the other hand, can only handle the moment, and live the most joyous lives in His designated rhythm. Chapter by chapter, season by season, moment by moment.


2 thoughts on “Art journaling

  1. Megan,
    I have been art journaling for awhile now! I have been more specific about it in my move and all that. Check out my blog for some pictures.

    Hope you are well. How is the cleaning business going?


  2. Jenn- so cool! I’m so excited to get started art journaling. Am actually creating my first entry this afternoon.

    Cleaning business has served its purpose, and I am happy to say that we are finished with it! It was a blessing while I was doing it, and it was tough to tell our clients bye, but it’s time! I am at home full-time. Still working on the magazine, but at home.

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