Holiday plans. Thanksgiving travels. Baking to freeze for when I’m too big and tired. Aviv, not New Pilgrim Press. Names, clothes, diapers, the smell of baby shampoo. Christmas? Christmas!!! My mind never stops. Among the thoughts shuffling around my lovely head…

My favorite is the “magic” button, which I am sure I have somewhere in my house. Maybe behind the bathroom mirror.

I need a butter dish, and it needs to be vintage pyrex. Like the kind the last generation sold for 25 cents at the garage sale a few years ago. Because that’s what’s in my cabinets, and that’s what I love. Christmas present, anyone?

In other pyrex news, my beloved green (of all the colors, why you, green?) mixing bowl came flying off the drying rack and landed in way too many pieces. I cried. Hormones are intense… and I really liked that bowl.

RIP green bowl

I am the queen of starting a project and not finishing it. I really like dreaming up the stuff. The stitches and snipping and paint clean-up and piles of fabric get overwhelming. And I move on. What I am dreaming of moving on to…

I need to learn how to use this stuff...

There is this group of old ladies at the library who call themselves the Yarnettes. And I want to ask them if I can join their club so I can learn how to knit. And maybe when they see how cute my baby bump is, they will not only allow me, but beg me to join them. After all, Baby needs booties.

But I have a painting that needs finishing, and pillows that need stuffing, and a frame that needs to be painted coral, and shells that need stringing, and recipes that need trying, and…


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