Rockin and rolllllin’: Sam’s song request

Met with the perinatalogist Monday for another ultrasound. The prognosis continues to be grim. Pray for this specifically: that my body would continue to be a safe place for baby Sam to live the days he’s allotted. Steven and I long to hear him cry out when he’s born, and hold him in our arms.

Was listening to this song this morning, and got a good response from Sam. Rollin’ and kickin’–this little guy wants you to know he’s here. So, per Sammy’s request, we’re posting Lost by Coldplay. Just because he’s losing doesn’t mean he’s lost. Turn it up…


One thought on “Rockin and rolllllin’: Sam’s song request

  1. Enjoy being pregnant…I loved it however that was 33 years ago.

    Sam…Sam has become a favorite name of mine lately and so I keep seeking out others with the same name. Reason? My book with Sam as the main character. I just love the name. Good luck and hope you have an easy delivery.
    I will try to check in once in a while to see if Sam has arrived yet.
    Here is my Sam…

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