My body seems to be calming down. I’m so relieved. Glad we decided to just come home instead of spending the night at the hospital. I think rest was just the ticket. We’re moving slow and recovering. I think I’m on the tail end of recovery from this episode; I think Steven is just beginning. He’s been a rock. What a man! Pray for protection over this weekend of rest for all three of us.

This whole stressful episode comes right after Steven and I took some really hopeful steps. The day before this happened, I confirmed the dates for my showers and completed my baby registry. We had had a really significant conversation about how excited we were to be pregnant with Sam, even though the anticipated outcome is nothing to be excited about, apart from a miracle. It was tough, having felt such vivid hope just a few hours before, to realize that within a matter of hours, that hope could turn to sorrow. Still, we hope for Sam’s life, and take these steps to tangibly demonstrate our hope. Thanks to all who have sent little toys and books for him. Every time we receive something, it feels like someone else is standing with us in that hope.

Thank you for your prayers. I truly believe they are urging my body back into the peaceful state we should be in at 28 weeks. Keep praying as we recover.

Reassuring news is that Sam seems completely oblivious to any stunts my body is trying to pull. Even in the middle of the night when the problems started, Sam was punching and kicking like he was having a grand old time. We think he was excited that I was up and eating. Kicking high, which we hope means my fluids are staying high for him. Pray pray pray. Hope hope hope.

In other news, Steven and I started watching 24, and have decided that my obstetrician looks like Jack Bauer. It’s really distracting. 🙂 Our sense of humor is still intact!


5 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hi Megan, Kelley here from the Yahoo group. So relieved to hear everything is OK. Our Samuel is due April 8, so all going well they will be close!

  2. So glad things seem to be calming down. We’re still praying!
    Sam’s box is almost complete and ready to ship. I’ll let ya’ll know when to expect it.

  3. Today I am reminded of I AM. Aunt Beverly is keeping her prayer warrior friends in touch with you. Our God is ever the same, past, present future. And he holds Sammy close to him.

    Matt 18:10
    “See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.

    God Bless you all through your amazing journey.

  4. I read. I weep. I feel the joy, the hope, the desperate cry for life, a good life – a normal life, with little boy smells and antics. I weep again. God’s love for us…painfully extravagant; your love for Sam…painfully extravagant. Holding all of you, Megan, Steven, Sam and Hailey oh so tenderly in my heart.

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