His father’s declaration

I am far from ready to spill my heart at this point, so this will be brief. I am pondering and pondering as we pull together details for Sam’s funeral. But I wanted to write this, because I need you to know, even before we’ve laid him to rest, what Sam’s father declared over him the day he was born. Steven held our tiny son up and spoke to him, “This story is not over. Your story is not over.”

This story is not over.


2 thoughts on “His father’s declaration

  1. Sam has drawn a multitude of people to him and to his God. Hearts have been drawn in and changed.

    Jesus is the same; we, however, are changed more and more into his image until the day when,like Sam,we are before Him.

    So I echo your words “This story is not over”. Every one of us who has been blessed to be woven into this story will continue to be changed by what was brought and is being brought to us by your Sam.


  2. Megan, that’s exactly how I felt when I heard that Sam’s story didn’t turn out exactly how we were praying. It’s hard to describe it, but his tiny life has made such a huge impact on my life. I will never, never forget Sam, and I know his story is far from over.

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