He’s the One!

Maybe it sounds unromantic, but I don’t believe in the One. You know–the one perfect person whose arms are destined to hold you til death do you part. In chick flicks, the girl’s friends squeal, “Ooooh, he’s the One!!!” when referring to the girl’s perfect match. The One doesn’t exist. I hear of a person in search of the One and I think it’s pure futility. My tactic when it came to the opposite sex was to date as little as necessary to find a guy I loved enough and who loved me enough that I didn’t like living without him. I was never seeking the One. I don’t even think Steven was the One when we were dating.

Now, things are different. He. Is. The. ONE!

I love Steven. He is my favorite. He is the One. Not because he’s handsome (he is). Not because he’s gentle and kind (he is). Not because he’s a good kisser (he is!). Not because he takes out the trash or lifts heavy things for me or brings home the bacon (he does). Not because he has walked and is walking with me through tough times (he did. he is). Not because he’s perfect (he’s not). He’s the One because on our wedding day, we vowed before God to be the One for one another. He’s the One because he’s committed to be the One. Now that’s romantic.

Sometimes we do things that hurt eachother’s feelings. Sometimes we’re annoying or selfish toward eachother. Sometimes we communicate like we’re performing Abbot and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” routine. But because I said those vows, and he said his, I look at him in those moments and tell myself, “He’s the One!” And with that statement, I shed a layer of selfishness and remember how he became the One. I remember what I promised to do for him.

We were watching one of my favorite movies last night, Holiday with Katherine Hepburn, and she says one of my best lines, “If he wants to come back and sell peanuts, oooh how I’ll believe in those peanuts!” It’s the spirit of a healthy marriage at its finest. Peanuts won’t do much for me, but I’ll believe in those peanuts, because we all need someone who is safe to come home to, who will always be on your side, who will always believe the best about what you’re trying to do in life. Here’s the clip:

Steven, I wouldn’t want to share in all the good and bad we’ve seen with anyone else. You are the One for me.


2 thoughts on “He’s the One!

  1. This made me so happy (: I know a lot of friends who dont believe in that kind of stuff.When its right on front of them! Thanks for sharing Megan! I pray one day I can write something like this(:

  2. So very true. I believe in soul mates, but I do not believe you can find your soul mate by searching for them. Soul mates are not found, they are intentionally created by time, commitment, and love in action. You and Steven are an inspiring couple and I pray for you both every time I think of you.

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