Near Disaster

Record third post in one day. Writing a lot is generally a good sign that my soul is doing okay, so I’m just going to take this as a good day. And, despite the record number of posts today, I have actually gotten some fun projects done–one of which was a near disaster. It was supposed to be the transformation of a bland white-framed mirror into a beachy blue and white striped mirror. I measured and taped the stripes off with blue painter’s tape and went to work with blue acrylic paint.

Unfortunately, I learned that underneath the white paint was a layer of gold. I was appalled! The mirror was a total wreck. It looked nothing like I had in mind. Gold chips, torn-away blue stripes, flecked white paint. Disaster. I was not happy. Then, I started wondering if I had perhaps struck shabby chic gold… After a few minutes of staring at the frame and a conversation with my mother over the photo of the “disaster” I had texted, I decided that this “disaster” was, indeed, fortunate.

Here are a few pictures of how my project turned out…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gold underneath… revealed because of a disaster… not exactly as I had planned… I think this mirror may have become more of a reflection of me than just my face!

For your listening enjoyment, a song by Iron and Wine, sent by my Dad, labeled as my “theme song.” I’m pretty sure it could be every believer’s theme song… the symbolism of the dogwood tree… lots of different interpretations of the meaning of the song floating around the ‘net–regardless, the lyrics are profound.


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