April 26, 2008

Two years later, I would pick you all over again, Steven.

I love that you insisted on wearing a tux, not a suit, on our wedding day. I love that you picked my bouquet and saved it in a jar of water until you could give it to me, right before our vows. I love the way you looked at me when you saw me for the first time in my wedding gown. I love that you looked at me with the same admiration in the moments after our son was born. You make me feel beautiful when life tells me I am not.

I like the things we talk about in the moments before we fall asleep… making up stories about people-walking… making up stories about monsters under the bed… making plans… reasons why not to make plans… crying… laughing… I like that you put your arm around me in church… I like that you show off by identifying paisley print every time you see it… I like that you are the napkin monitor… I like that you cook… I like that you load the dishwasher and make sure I am aware of what has occurred… I like the callouses on your hands from hard work… I like the tears in your eyes from a gentle heart…

I am still trying to figure you out. I am still fascinated by you and plan to be for years and years. Happy Anniversary, my husband. I love being your wife.


One thought on “April 26, 2008

  1. Beautiful. 🙂 Keep doing this…remembering, savoring and loving the small things about your husband…sucha a blessing. 🙂 Happy Anniversary, I hope it was truly blessed. 🙂

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