Be Not Afraid

Quick post–wanted to direct you to a website that was encouraging to me as I carried Sam with a poor prenatal diagnosis. His story was published this morning, under the Triploidy stories. There are so many beautiful stories on there, and I am honored that Sam’s is among them. Here’s the direct link to Sam’s page:

Also, for those who were praying, blood draw was Friday, and I continue to be cancer-free!

Continue to pray for Steven and I. This stretch of grief has been one of the darkest and loneliest for us, even though we have good days. I mostly write about the good days because I like to celebrate them, and I like to be able to revisit them. I guess I just need someone to know that while Sam’s death happened two months ago, most days it is very fresh for both of us. This is pretty normal in grief I think–friends have moved on and sometimes assume that we have too, which makes the darkness seem heavier, the loneliness sharper. It’s so tempting to isolate at this point, to avoid being too much for the people around us. We fight the temptation as we are able, but wow we are a lot to handle. So continue to lift us up, if you can. I know there’s not much you can do, but you can pray, and that will be plenty.


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  1. Praying continually . . .and imagining Sam and Lydia and what it’s like to see Jesus!

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