Forgotten Wings

The sun came out for Steven’s lunch hour when he came home and had leftover pasta and garlic bread from the Thank You Lunch we held for Sam’s prayer team yesterday. Otherwise, it has been rainy, even stormy, and I hear the Lord say Notice. Pay attention. Keep watching. I’ve lit a honeysuckle candle, turned on the twinkle lights around my easel, and am painting wings. While looking for inspiration, I happened up this artist’s website, and  found this painting. I love it. So beautiful.

Forgotten Wings by Ann CT Braunsteiner


3 thoughts on “Forgotten Wings

  1. That is a beautiful painting…I’m eager to see your painting of the wings. Thank you for putting your blog back up…I’ve been enjoying your readings 😉

  2. Hi Megan!

    Thanks you love my painting, it seems it found the right way to someone who can appreciate it and find his/her own personal meaning in it.

    I wish you all the best on your path.


    • I’m so honored that you’d stop by my blog. It does hold such beautiful meaning to me. You’re very talented, and I wish you much success as an artist!

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