Claiming my cross

My heart is heavy today, but I am compelled to recover my Cross as I reclaim the words I wrote during a different time of trail, I identify myself with His cross. What He claims, I claim, both blessing and curse. And because of this, I am granted the kingdom. I will eat and drink at His table. Though I identify myself with the Cross and am faced with trials, I will see God. (Luke 22, James 1, Job 19)

I am granted the Kingdom. I will eat and drink at His table. With my eyes, I will see God.


2 thoughts on “Claiming my cross

  1. Hey Megan – I am so glad to see you sharing your thoughts again! You do it so well ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t looked at friend’s blogs/blogs I like to read in a long time, so was going through my list and actually accidently hit yours b/c I knew you had closed up shop awhile back. And there you were with a new stream of fresh reflections. Thank you for opening up. Thank you for your email after Joshua was born – I never wrote back but I know you understand. I also had asked for your address b/c I wanted to send you something, and I hope to get to that sometime ๐Ÿ˜‰ I pray you are able to use this blog for God’s glory – I know you will. And thanks for allowing someone like me the ability to share in your grief as I walk in mine. Blessings this day, Natalie Jorgensen

    • Natalie, I’m glad you “stopped by”! Totally wasn’t expecting a reply, but I’m glad to hear from you in this comment. Hope you’re doing well as you contemplate Joshua’s life and the loss. Blessings, sweet mama.

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