The power of a name and a prayer request

This is a photo taken by April, another mama who chose to carry her baby to term despite a poor diagnosis. The photo was taken in Sanibel, Florida. Take a minute to read about her sweet baby, Adam Stephen, and let her know you stopped by. One of the most healing statements one can make to mothers whose arms are empty is, “I was thinking about your baby. I am glad I got to hear his/her story.”

There is something powerful about having Sam’s name written. I remember the first time his name was written by another person. My obstetrician noticed that we were referring to our baby as Sam as we discussed how we would alter delivery because of his diagnosis. He asked, “His name is Samuel?” and jotted down his name in his notes. From that point on, he referred to Sam by his name. When I was taken to the hospital, the nurses and perinatalogist noticed Steven and I always called Sam by his name, and started referring to him as “Sammy”. They made a little teddy bear with a necklace with beads that spelled out “Sammy”. When the CD with the photographs from NILMDTS arrived, our photographer had written “Our Sammy” on the CD. His name, written or said aloud, says, “He was real. He was important. He matters to me.”

It is hard to believe it’s been five months since we said “hello” and “goodbye” in the same excruciating and beautiful moments. Sam is never far from our minds. When we were pregnant and in need of prayer and support, people often said, “Thank you for letting us know what’s going on so we’ll know how to come alongside you.” Now, it’s five months after Sam’s death and birth, and I’m conscious that others have moved on. Sometimes, when people ask how we’re doing and I sense they want an honest answer, I say, “We’re doing well, but we’re still very much in grief,” and I get the sense that they are surprised. I think if it weren’t for online correspondence with other mothers who have experienced a loss like ours, I might think I was crazy. I might get impatient with myself. Thanks to the support of those mothers, I know that this takes time.

I would really like to move closer to our families. Being so far away while pregnant was difficult, but the months that have followed our loss have been exponentially harder. Our church has been amazing. They’ve gone above and beyond to show us kindness. But they have their own families. Their care for us can only go so far, and it truly is understandable. I am especially terrified about when Steven and I begin to think about having Sam’s little brother or sister. Pregnancies following a stillbirth are frightening. It is a heavy burden to bear, and while my proximity to my family will not take away that burden, I will have help in bearing it. If you are praying for us (Grandmother’s prayer group in NB!), please pray about this. I so appreciate it.


5 thoughts on “The power of a name and a prayer request

  1. im just learning of your story and im sorry for all you’ve been through.i can only imagine the difficulties u and ur husband face. my boy is almost 4 months old now and ur story has made me appreciate all those days so much more. im sorry that Samuel didnt stay with you for much longer but im happy that he gave you 30 weeks of hope and happiness (amongst the sadness). Samuel sounds like a special boy … active and fun.

    i hope this comment isnt too random … i read the post about his hands and i thought to myself “ha!!! babies are psychic”. they seem to have a way of reassuring us when we need it most. i knew my boy was a boy long before the ultrasound … i just felt it and knew it …. just like Samuel made u know that his little hands were perfect … just for u and his dad 🙂

  2. Megan-I have not moved on, I still think and pray for you often. I will continue to lift you up as you contemplate taking the step of faith towards sam’s brother or sister. you are loved, and prayed for.

  3. I understand feeling the need to be back near family. I will certainly be praying for that with ya’ll.

    Thinking of you all daily.


  4. Megan,

    I read your posts sometimes with gladness, sometimes with sadness, but always with hope. Sam is never far from my heart and mind either. Thanks to your amazing willingness to share Sam’s life with us, he was, is and always be my Great-Grandson. I love him and can’t wait to see him, I believe he will know me as his Gigi!

    We ( our prayer group, and anyone else we have confidence in to pray ) are praying that y’all will soon be able to move closer to all of us.

    We love you and miss you.

    Grandma T.

    I am praying for you receive your desires of your heart,healing of your body completely,Blesses you financially now and always In JESUS Name.
    This is moment of Refreshing A moment of healing Deliverance. Breakthrough and Total Restoration A moment of the Manifestation of God’s Power. Send me your name to be recode in our daily prayer book.Millions of people have received miracle from the master prayer. As you receive please contact me of the miracle you received, I will also send you more prayers, If you have any problem you feel that it can not be solved contact me.

    “O, Sweet Lord Jesus Christ, the true God, who descent from the kingdom of the Almighty Father, being sent to wash away our sins, to release those who were in prison and afflicted, to console the sorrowful and the needy, to absolve and to liberate me from my affliction and tribulation in which I am placed. O, Omnipotent Father,receive me again, by your expiation, into that paradise, by the blood, O Jesus, who make us equal among angels and men,O Lord Jesus Christ, who stand between me and mine enemies, and to establish my peace and to show grace upon me, and pour out mercy, And extinguish the anger of mine enemies, which they contained against me, as thou take away the wrath of Esau, which he had against Jacob, his brother. O Lord Jesus, extend your arm towards me, and deliver me from my affliction, even as thou deliver Abraham from the hands of the Chaldean, and his son, Isaac, from the Sacrifice, and Joseph from the hands of his brethren: Noah from the delnge: and even as thou deliver thy servant Lot: thy servants Moses and Aaron, and thy people Israel from the hands of Pharaoh, and out of the land of Egypt: David from the hands of Saul, and the giant Goliath: or as thou delivered Susannah from her accusers: Judith from the hands of Holofernes: Daniel from the den of the lions: the tree youths from the fiecy furnace: Jonah from the whales belly: even as thou delivered the son of Cannanea, who was tormented by the devil: even as thou delivered Adam from hell, by thee most precious blood, and Peter and Paul from chains. O most sweet Lord Jesus, Son of the living God, preserve me,your servant, from my affliction, and mine incarnation by fasting and thirst, by labors and affliction, by your stripes, by your thorny crown, by your drink of gall and vinegar, by the most cruel death, by your words which thou speakeds upon the cross by your descent into hell, by thy consolation, of the disciples, by the wonderful ascension, by the appearance of the Holy Spirit, by the day of judgment, by your great gifts, and by the holy names, Adonay, Eloym, and by the ineffable name Jehovah.By all these holy Omnipotent, and all powerful name and extraordinary power, which the elements obey, and at which the devils tremble: of most gracious Jesus, Father of all creatures thou who appeared unto Moses thy servant in the burning bush and said I am Adonai sother Emanuel “hear my convocation thou Almighty one Jehovah Fulfill my desires through thy angels as thou didst unto Moses.

    Grant me your mercy that I may be found consecrated and perfect so that the glorious light may issue from the most Holly seat and confer on me your favour and blessing and grace and gift both canal and spiritual, prosper me procure the love of all persons to me. The heavenly and Holy trumpets blow every black magic and misfortunes away from me. I fly under the tree of life which bears twelve fold fruits I stand behind the Holy altar of the Christian Church I commend my self to the Holy Trinity.we all have drank the blood of Jesus Christ the Savior God the Father be with me, God the Holy Spirit be with us all, let us meet in union and part from each other in peace.I Hide myself beneath the Holy wounds of Jesus Christ that no mans hands may capture me in bonds: that I may not be hit nor snot nor stabbed nor thrown, neither assailed or injured or wounded by anyone .I will be secure from visible or invisible enemies or drown in any water nor burn in any fire and no unjust verdict will ever be rendered against me. O, sweet Lord Jesus Christ, to the alone and thou alone shall have all the glory.Glory be to the father, to the son, and to the holy spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be world of Miracle without end

    The mouth saying ”Amen” to this prayer shall laugh forever.Very Very soon and I say Very Very Very soon, GOD is going to do a miracle and lift you up for GOOD.

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