I am looking forward to adding to this new category, “Havenmaking”, as inspiration comes. Glimpses of our little haven…

We made sopapillas. Lard is the key. I am not ashamed.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Take to friends' house and leave on the floor for babies to discover and devour.

Observe the cuteness. I screamed when this emerged from the oil. Then I ate it.

Steven was so excited about these, he snapped these pictures and said,
“You have to put these on your blog.”
They are pretty cute, and they taste wonderful with honey or strawberries and ice cream. Here is the recipe:


4ish C Flour
2 t baking powder
1 tsp salt
4 T lard (do not replace with low-fat alternative. life is short)
2 C water (I had to use more because of altitude–you might need less)

Mix until dough is smooth and let stand for about 15 minutes. Roll out to 1/8th inch thick (thinner=puffy). Plop in hot oil to fry until they float. Drain on paper towels.

Beyond the kitchen, Operation Redecorate has been a fun endeavor, and many thanks go to My Favorite (a.k.a. Steven), who has dutifully sanded, painted, stained, and made multiple runs to the hardware store for way too many weekends in a row. The result has been, in his words, totally worth it.

My favorite decor…

From the driveway, as we sanded and stained the dining room table, our neighbors let us know black was a mistake. I disagree.

Cute white carnation from my cute art student. In the background, note my latest thrifting find--a silver bowl with feet!

Dresser-turned-entertainment-center painted with chalkboard paint. Quotes about home written in cursive. Note the shelf on top--Steven made that for me!

Please note in the photo on the left that Steven has been allowed to take a break. He is watching a car show, and eating rocky road ice cream. Oh his aching back.

Returning to the kitchen, this morning… this happened… We’ve discussed it, and it may replace birthday cake.

This involves cream cheese. I think I gained a pound editing the photo. Yum.

This week, we are expecting a far-too-quick visit from my grandparents, a pot-luck for the final meeting of our Griefshare group, book buying for Steven’s classes this semester, the final blood draw for me since having Sam (all is well and I expect more of the same!), lots of art for me, and lots of granite for Steven. Lots of love to our families far away, as it seems we will be in beautiful Colorado a little longer.


3 thoughts on “Haven

  1. 1) I love home made sopapillas!! YUM!
    2) Your decor is adorable! I love the chalkboard dresser – GREAT idea – and your thrift store find is beautiful! WIsh you lived here – I need someone to go thrifting with!

  2. I’m so glad you posted pictures of the new decor! I really think I may need to hire you to help me decorate in my house, especially in our soon-to-be newly painted bedroom. I only get so far and then I lose steam or ideas or something…(sigh) I try but I think I’m decorating deficient. Too bad there’s not a vitamin for that…

    P.S. Killing me with the cinnamon roll. I should not have read your blog before breakfast 😉

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhh honey…do you know how much I love YOU??? You are mine….the black table looks outstanding!! Your nay saying neighbors remind me of the ladies at Joanne’s when I bought 40 yds. of burlap…for your wedding!

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