Beans! Beans! The musical tart the more you eat the more you… MOM! Gosh! I’m not going to say it! What do you mean? I am acting like a lady. I’m baking and being frugal.

I would like to share a few recipes that help me make the most of every meal and paycheck by packing in the nutrient-dense food that is beans. Cheap, high in protein and fiber, each of these recipes is tried and true, and Steven-approved. I never follow a recipe to the letter (vegan recipes are often too bland for our carnivore taste buds). I adjust for altitude and taste, but these are great starting points. Click the hyperlinked photos below to see recipes:

Black Bean Burgers

Black Bean Brownies

Lentil Tacos

Bean and Oat Waffles

Blueberry Bean Muffins

None of the sweets taste bean-y, but be sure to use a food processor to liquefy the bean mixtures. Nothing is weirder than biting down on what you thought was a chocolate chip or blueberry and discovering that it’s actually a bean. Yick. The blueberry muffins are a breakfast favorite. I usually double the recipe and freeze muffins for toasting later. Steven eats one muffin and a bowl of oatmeal, and he’s good to go for the morning–for a guy who works manual labor starting at 7AM, that’s saying something!


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