So long! Farewell! Auf wiedersehen! Goodbyyyye!

Today is the day I say, “Farewell,” to four paintings that have been so filling and inspiring during this season. Off to your new owner, you four, but first let me dedicate this song to you.

I remember when you were just blank canvases *sniff* and now look at you. All bright and cheery and covered in paint. Sometimes I can’t believe how fast the paint dries. My tiny kitchen/studio will never be the same without you. In memory of the lovely paintings, entitled Unity, Roots, Spring, and Prayer, a few photographs…


9 thoughts on “So long! Farewell! Auf wiedersehen! Goodbyyyye!

  1. You are so very talented! When we get our new house, I would love to buy a painting, or two, or three (or more!) from you! I love them all so much(I really really love “roots” though) much love!

  2. Oh, Megan…I LOVE, love, LOVE these! I can’t pick a favorite…I love swirls (what I do when I doodle), and the one that looks like dogwood flowers makes me think of my mom’s beloved courtyard. I would be sniffing (with tears) too as one should after a labor of love. Oh joy to the blessed person receiving these!

  3. Ohhh, Just Beautiful!! I can’t decide which is my fave…I love that you put swirls in the flame of the candles!! Thinking it’s the one of the beautiful girl standing on the chair painting tho…reminds me of when you were a little girl!!

  4. The paintings come from a beautiful heart. They are inspired by so much feeling.

    Like your Mom, I love the pic of you standing in the chair,you look so determined!

  5. It is so happy to know that these paintings that are so meaningful (and always will be) to Michael and me, were so first loved by you. It makes them mean even more. I knew all along that you had to be the painter, and that you who knew our story and loved us, would put that love into this creation and that YOU would be a part of them. You knew so well what each one represented to us as you walked with me through each stage. It had to be so. You are so special. These paintings are so special. It is so fitting to me that these played such an important role in our most special day. Thank you, Thank you Megan.

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