Shower gift

My good friend is getting married next month. Usually I stick to the registry when buying wedding gifts, but this friend needed something hand-picked and hand-made. Here are some photos:

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5 thoughts on “Shower gift

  1. MEGAN!!! I almost squealed when I saw this! I LOVE this gift. Each part of it is an essential in my little kitchen-you know me too well, these are too perfect. I am so blessed not only by your sweet gift, but the sweet heart of the giver who has given me such a rich friendship over the years. You are lovely beyond description. Thank you, Thank you for these treasured gifts.

  2. Ps. I am very excited about sewing the curtains that match with the napkins you made me.

    **maybe I need a home section to my blog. I wish I knew how to have sepsrate sections to the same blog–right now mine are two separate blogs under the same account. I might need some training from you in how you’ve developed this amazing blog of yours. 😉

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