Baby boys are the cutest little creatures. I love how different they are than girls. I love froggies, doggies, lions, tigers, and bears on their little onsies. I love their dress clothes–collared dress shirts, vests, bow ties. I embarrass myself and squeal out loud when I see them. They look like tiny little men!

So why? Oh, why? Babies R Us, why do you devote a measly 1/3 of the clothing section to boys? And why devote even less than that to boys in the decor section?

Maybe it’s because boys are happiest outside, in the same outfit they’ve worn for days, or maybe just a diaper. Who needs a wardrobe full of clothes? Who needs a nursery? They have frogs to catch. Cap guns to shoot. Towers of blocks to knock down. Pockets to fill with rocks.

Thank God for little boys!


14 thoughts on “Boys

  1. Oh Megan, you’re a great Mom to little boys! You’re right they are delightful little men, the running, exploring, dare-devil attitude of boys is awesome. They steal they’re Mothers heart before they are released into the big world and hold it forever! You are in for a fantastic ride!

    grandma T

  2. Yes, and rather than “Junebug”, “Stinkbug” works! (I can say that; I am the mother of boys and LOVE them) And often the “stink” is “so stinking cute!” 🙂


  3. OH Megan! I have lamented about this since my first boy almost 14 years ago. Three boys later and it has gotten worse. The operative words in their attire are actually just one word: COMFY!
    But, oh what fun they are!!!!!

    • I’ve always thought there wasn’t a thing cuter than a baby in a comfy white onesie. Don’t think I could get away with that without a bow or flower for a girl, but for a boy… like you said, it’s comfy. It’s works.

  4. Not sure if Steven will remember but when Jason was little he only wore clothes when we left the house. The minute we walked in he would strip down to his diaper. Does save on laundry!

  5. so true…no clothes needed for little boys. They love to feel the mud squish between their fingers and toes. Stinkbug is going to be overjoyed with his wonderful family! I’m so thrilled for you…I could have tons of boys but God granted us with our little Aspen! wouldn’t change her for anything!

  6. I agree! Boys have so little available in the stores. That being said, I have already picked up some adorable little things, and can’t wait until we go to Dallas so I can hit up the Carters and Osh Kosh outlets! 😀 this Aunt is oh so very ready and willing to spoil!

  7. birthday suits are a favorite attire of my twin boys…with the added mud and lately snow. Michael dared them to run outside, jump in the snow 50 times and roll in it 10 times…all in their birthday suits. Then, in the summer, the smells are quite aromatic…Mary calls it the “rusty nail smell”. I’m so excited for you! xxoo

  8. Yay!! 😀 Little boys are so cute! (:
    My youth leaders (Chris Hopkins) and his wife (Amy Hopkins) have two little boys.Judd, and Nate.Judd is 100% boy! he walks in to church for youth group in his little john deer boots and his cowboy hat, and runs to the big boys and tackles them!

    Oh and BTW I’m gonna get Stinkbug some John deer boots and a little carrhart jacket I found (:

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