Superbowl Party for Two and a Half

We went to Denver to attend the annual Lord of the Rings movie marathon yesterday, and braved a snowstorm on our way home which put us in close to midnight last night. Our little red hatchback drove like a champ, but arrived home a leeetle stressed (Steven from white-knuckling the steering wheel and me from stomping the invisible brake on the passenger side). Not good for a preggo mama who is also fighting a tiny cold. So we skipped our small group Superbowl Party in favor of a mini-party for 2 1/2.

Who: Steven, me, Stinkbug, and an uninvited guest whom Steven has named Walter the Wall Thing (expect an explanatory blog entry soon)

Attire: Sweats and wool socks (baby, it’s cold outside)

Location: Living room couch, snuggled under a quilt

Food: nothing but all-American and fattening would do. After all, it’s the Superbowl. We made a half recipe of Pioneer Woman’s revved up queso, veggies and ranch, and a take ‘n’ bake pizza. Yeah. We Steven and Stinkbug can eat that much. For dessert: my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe baked a little chewy and eaten with a fork. It’s not a party without dessert! I keep cookie dough balls in the freezer ready to bake and serve with milk. Quick, sweet-tooth-satisfying morsels for two without much work when I’m too comfy on the couch to get up and actually make dessert. Yummy food, followed by the most amazing heartburn remedy ever, papaya extract. Oh. And beer. For Steven. Not me.

Our favorite commercials:

Bug’s favorite:

Oh, and yay for the Packers. I sort of watched the game while I researched cute baby stuff to add to my Amazon wish list. Sort of. OK I didn’t. Steven told me who won. Why would I pay attention to a dumb game when I’m seeing stuff like this? Steven may have to peel me off the ceiling after I lose my ability to control myself. The cuteness is too much to handle.

Off to bed very soon.


6 thoughts on “Superbowl Party for Two and a Half

  1. Lovely post…I liked all those same commercials too! I would like to add the Pepsi Max won with the couple and the wife throws the can at the woman her husband looked at. 🙂 I’m hoping that you will stay warm, safe and well!

  2. That’s okay. I watched the game but managed to somehow miss the hilarious Darth Vader commercial everyone is posting about. (I was probably on potty duty with Kae…) 🙂

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