In like a lion…

Here is a smattering of what life in our house has been like lately…

February was a tough month, and we bid it farewell quite happily. March has been warm and beautiful so far, all three days of it. I opened my window the morning, and heard the coo of a dove, which always makes my heart sigh. Snow is supposed to roll in tonight though, from what I hear. So I’ll be enjoying my open windows until the front blows in, and then pulling on my wool socks and warm sweater until warm weather decides to visit again.

I had lunch with my cousin a while ago, and she sent me home with a slew of things for Babybug, including a book called Goodnight Gorilla. She doesn’t know that I secretly enjoy reading children’s books myself, and that, if I had my way, Steven would read me a story before bed every night. Paying the bills always pulls me back into reality. Why do I have to be an adult anyway?

She also sent me home with a couple of cupcakes to share with Steven, to celebrate Sam’s birthday. Have I ever mentioned that I have the sweetest family?

Thank you, Hallie.

Baby continues to grow like a healthy little weed. At my most recent ultrasound, the tech mentioned that he’s in the 54th percentile for growth. He is kicking and rolling around like crazy, and likes to put on a show when his Daddy puts his hand on my belly. The other day, I was laying on the couch, talking on the phone, and I could see my belly jumping up and down. June is coming up so quickly. I have 16(ish) weeks left in this pregnancy.

I am having a blast with all my nesting projects–one of which is shampooing the carpets. I wanted to post this picture because 1) I have no shame and 2) it’s just like the steam vac commercials where the lady vacuums a stripe of white in her nasty, dingy carpet. And you think, Gah how could she have let it get that bad? Now I know how she let it get that bad. She probably had a husband, like mine, who works with his hands, comes home covered in marble and granite dust, and cannot (and, eventually I decided after just a few months of marriage, should not) be bothered to take off his boots after a long, grueling day at work.

Does this not make you want to own a steam vac?

Steven checks my bookmarked recipe blogs every morning before he goes to work, and leaves them up on the computer as a subtle hint that I should cook them. Don’t tell him, but I think it’s kind of cute. One recipe that he has opened and left up for me several times is on his favorite recipe site, the Pioneer Woman. The man is a big fan of mushrooms, and they seem to be PW’s specialty along with butter, beef, and all things cowboy food. I finally got around to making it for lunch today, and three times, it got a stuffed-mouth, “This is really good.” I had to agree. The recipe is for mushroom and spinach quesadillas. PW calls for fontina and goat cheese, but I kept it simple and used cheeses that are always stocked in my fridge: mozzarella and parmesan. What can I say? We’re Walmart people. I also used whole wheat tortillas, which were plenty scrumptious.

So that is March in our house, so far. I am going to try to blog more often because I think it’s fun and sort of therapeutic, but mostly about mundane things like cooking and pictures of nesting projects that only those who know me would find interesting. It’s just one of those seasons, I think. I do have a fun request for you though. I have acquired so many random readers over the few years I have blogged on WordPress. It’s fun to see in my site tracking how many readers visit, but I can’t tell who you are. I would love to have you say “hey” in the comments. Tell me who you are, what part of the country you are from, and any other fun tidbit you would like to add. Happy March everyone!


17 thoughts on “In like a lion…

  1. Hey, Megan! So good to hear from you and what’s going on in your corner of the world!

    When my son was born, one of the shower gifts was the board book “Good Night Moon”. We read it every night as we put our son to bed. It became such a habit, that even when I was in the hospital having our daughter, I recited it from memory as our niece turned the pages for him. It was kinda’ like Mommy was right there with him. It is such a treasured memory!

    If you want a recommendation on another series, Laura Numeroff’s series is really cute for little kids. I used to read “If You Give A Cat A Cupcake” to Christin Taylor’s little angel every time I would babysit for her.

    Oh, btw, I am from the greater Los Angeles area. Have to add, I do miss our writing group! You and the other ladies were so inspiring!

    Blessings in His name,


    • That writing workshop was such a Godsend for me in so many ways. I don’t think I’ve been that challenged as a writer in a long time. And it was so nice to “meet” you Bethany. 🙂

  2. Hi 🙂 In response to your request, I am from Colorado and started reading your blog after a chance meeting when I wanted something you had posted on criagslist 🙂 The tidbit is that you and I are one week apart in our pregnancies (you are 1 wk further along), and we are having a little girl! I pray for you and your precious, growing family every time I think of you.

    I am looking forward to reading how other know you, when they started reading your blog, and where they are from as well! Fun idea 🙂

  3. Hi!! I found your blog through babycenter or another mama loss blog (I dont remember which). I am in Chesapeake, Virginia (not far from Virginia Beach and Williamsburg). We lost our baby in December to Triploidy. We are currently TTC and it is so great to see a ‘success’ story after triploidy.
    Nina (I am aninamal on babycenter)

  4. Hi Megan…I’m so glad you’re going to post more often. I just love reading your musings! I’m going to respond each time with children’s books to add to either your wish list or library list). I wish I had kept a running list. So, for this post, I’m sharing a favorite writer in our home–Mark Ludy. He’s a Colorado author with a huge heart, and we took Austin to Windsor to meet him. He wrote and illustrated: “The Grump”, “The Flower Man”, The Farmer”, and “Jujo”. He illustrated “When I Was a Boy I Dreamed” (writer is Justin Matott who writes great books and poetry for boys…we took them to meet him too). Mark’s books with their very redemptive messages will make you laugh and cry good, sweet tears.

    Stinkbug will keep you on your toes with your new found skills in carpet cleaning…the best is that he’ll have such a fun mommy and daddy!

    I love how Stephen gives you recipe hints!

    • I keep an Amazon wishlist to remember books like this–so keep the suggestions coming!

      I read a quote yesterday and giggled. “A boy is noise with dirt on.” Looking forward to having this sweet boy and even the dirty carpet that will come along with it. 🙂

      And, yes, the recipe hints are a funny way to wake up in the morning. They often involve gravy lately–biscuits and gravy was his Valentine’s Day breakfast for that reason!

    • On one hand, June can’t get here fast enough. On the other, oh my gosh… it’s coming… I gotta get ready!

      You are such a sweet blog friend. So happy to have “met” you!

  5. Hey, Megan! We went to Grace together and I have really enjoyed your blog. My family and I live in Norfolk, Nebr. where Justin is a pastor at the local rescue mission. We have four little squirts and I stay home with them.

    I followed along on your journey with little Sam and I wept and cheered with you. I think of you often and am so happy about your new little bundle! Love, Traci

  6. Did we live on the same hall at Grace? I don’t think so. But I thought you were fun then, and I’m a big fan of your blog now. I live in Littleton, Colorado and your all-things-artistic mundane blog is a source of great inspiration for me.

    • Tori, I don’t remember if we lived on the same hall or not… I can’t remember! But *random* I remember being in the same CS Lewis class with you at Grace.

  7. Hey Megan,
    you were my RA at Grace … you were soo fun! I followed you during your pregnancy with Sam and had a random thought of you the other day and searched you out again! I was soo excited for you to be expecting again! I have enjoyed getting caught up in your life again and can’t wait to hear about your new baby!

  8. Hey! It’s me Kelly. I am Darenda’s friend, remember me? I’m still following your blog and love them! Love your creativity too! We are now living in Knoxville TN. Can’t wait to meet your little “Junebug”!

    • Kelly, yes! Of course I remember you. The picture Bible you sent for Sam is so precious. I love that little Bible, and we will be reading it to this little one too! So glad you are still following the blog. 🙂

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