The Blank Page writing workshops

So a fun gig dropped in my lap recently.

I have participated in both the generative and revisions writing workshops offered by Christin Taylor, and have recently been invited to participate in a new and stretching way: as a facilitator! That is, I get to read the work of other passionate writers, offer encouragement, and foster community and discussion in an online workshop. I am beyond thrilled as this is actually an answer to a feeble prayer I offered up a few weeks ago, asking God to let me work with writers again, as I did with Namesake magazine.

I am so excited to be part of Christin’s passion for community within the creative process of writing. She has such an ability to coax writers toward more without intimidating or overwhelming them–I found this to be true for myself as a participant. The format of the workshop is comfortable and compelling. I cannot possibly recommend her workshops more highly.

The first workshop I get to lead begins April 1, in just a few days. It is a generative workshop. That is, the goal is to generate new creative writing. The first workshop I participated in had a wide variety of writers–some who had had work published and others who wrote for pleasure. If any of you are interested in participating, please visit Christin’s website,, to read more and sign up.


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