Bluebell Ice Cream


It’s here. Bluebell ice cream is here. In my Walmart. For a Texas girl in Colorado, it’s a big deal. For a pregnant Texas girl in Colorado… well, a picture’s worth a thousand words…

One happy mama!

Here is my letter to Bluebell customer service, thanking them:

Dear, dear Bluebell,

My name is Megan Moore. I am from San Antonio, Texas, and my husband is from Longview, but we currently live in Colorado. It is beautiful here. We love it. However, the gorgeous land of the Rockies always lacked something. It is a void I have especially felt in the past few months, as I am about 7 months pregnant. Colorado lacked Bluebell ice cream.

You can imagine my elation when, on a routine trip to the grocery store, I turned from the frozen juice case to see my husband’s jaw on the floor. There, before our very eyes, at our Colorado grocery store, was a case of Bluebell ice cream. My husband stood, frozen in shock, but I started to jump up and down. And whoop and holler. I clicked my heels. I created a scene, which was pretty funny-looking considering my growing belly. If anyone in Walmart was unaware that Bluebell was in Colorado, they know now!

When we recovered from our shock, I proceeded to pick my favorite flavor, strawberry. My husband picked his favorite, cookie dough. Once we finish those, we will be bringing home all our second favorites: coffee, moolenium crunch, cookies n cream… well, every flavor.

I am just writing to thank you for sending a little bit of home to my new home in Colorado. I am absolutely ecstatic.

Megan Moore

P.S. The little one I am carrying loved every bite. He jumped around and danced in my tummy until I finished my bowl of ice cream. He thanks you too!


13 thoughts on “Bluebell Ice Cream

  1. LOL! This totally made me giggle. You’re adorable! So glad you’ve got your favorite ice-cream in hand. In a couple months, Starbucks is supposedly coming to Chiapas. I’ll be posting a similar “HOORAY” post on that day! 😉

  2. Yummmmm Blue Bell ice cream! Now I am going to be getting some! 🙂 Hey is that the post card I mailed to you on your refrigerator?! (& did you get my email on Sam’s birthday? – I know that was awhile ago but I was not sure if you still had the hotmail address!) Thanks- hope you are doing super lovely.
    Muzzah aka Jenn

    • Yes! I loved that card and saved it. And yes! I got your email on Sam’s birthday. That’s the right email address. So many people remembered. It really meant a lot.

  3. absolutely adorable. 🙂 Gotta take joy in the little things (big things too)…but so often it’s the little things that make a day so much better. 🙂 Fyi you are absolutely ADORABLE preggo. 🙂

      • I think it’s $3.99 in our sale ads here. I’m coming to Denver! Then again, I’m not sure my freezer can handle it.

        The sad thing is that Steven and I actually discussed acquiring a deep freeze given this new development. Haha!

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