Article: Daddies and Loss

I am so proud of my Steven and his leadership for our little family. By the grace of God and His presence in my husband’s life, we count ourselves among the minority whose marriages are strengthened through the tragedy of losing a baby. We have rejoiced together over both of our sons’ lives, and we have wept together over the death of our Samuel. It has been an honor to witness my beloved husband as a father. I can assure you that we are not becoming parents in June–Steven has been a father to his boys since the very beginning. He has not just been a shoulder to cry on in my personal sorrow, but has chosen to enter into his own unique grief, the grief of a daddy, time and time again, from which many fathers shy away. His heart is that of a selfless servant, a gentle and understanding friend, a trustworthy man, and a strong warrior. In my humble opinion, he is head and shoulders above the rest! 🙂

Thinking of daddies this morning, and the unique battle they face in loss… someone from my online support group posted this article about coaches Billy Donovan, Anthony Grant, and John Pelphrey. It is a moving read, a testament to their faith and brotherhood through tragedy, and a testament to their strength and commitment as fathers and husbands.


One thought on “Article: Daddies and Loss

  1. This was on TV a few weeks ago. Mat happened to watch it and it was incredibly healing for him. Thanks for sharing the link…. he told me about it, but I was eager to learn about it for myself.

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