Third trimester

Two months left. I am big. I am uncomfortable. I have heartburn. And I seem to be revisiting first trimester with the return of food and smell aversions and nausea. The only thing that is awesome right now is feeling Bug roll around in there. He seems to have inherited his father’s unabashed persistence and determination when he sets his mind to something. Unfortunately, Bug is very persistent and determined to adjust the position of my ribs. He doesn’t kick them. Like his daddy, he is gentle in his persistence. He just spends a great deal of time trying to push them out of the way. I tell him they don’t move out of the way, but he doesn’t listen.

I am miserable and I feel the need to be understood. So when Steven got home from work, I put a pillow under his shirt. He looks funny pregnant.

“I don’t think this is quite the same thing as you,” said Steven.

I poked his pillow tummy. “You don’t understand,” I told him. It made me feel better.

“I’m sorry,” he said. And he gave me a hug. Because that’s all a husband with a pillow in his shirt can do at this point. Even though he doesn’t understand, I am glad it is his baby I am carrying. I forgot to post a couple of days ago that we celebrated our third anniversary. I love him. He is my favorite.

So that’s where I am at. Three years married. Third trimester uncomfortable. Is June almost here?


2 thoughts on “Third trimester

  1. I am so glad I just read this. I am only 27 weeks but feeling, for the first time, uncomfortable…heartburn, backache. Whine. I made scones, and while they didn’t make the backache or heartburn go away, things feel better. 🙂

    Keep enjoying little one. Lots of blessings to you during this special time.

  2. Happy third anniversary! You’ve only got a little while left before Bug comes, and Brad and I just found out we’re expecting baby #3. I’m due in December. Enjoy every minute of those tummy rolls and rib “kicks”, it’s kinda uncomfortable, but so amazing at the same time.

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