Birthday, baby shower, nesting…

It’s been a busy few weeks. Hence the lack of blogging! My birthday was May 4, Mom was visiting from Texas, and Steven got me a cheesecake ice cream cake.

Happy birthday to me!

I finally finished sewing my reusable sandwich baggies. Steven road-tested them and approves. I love that I can just throw them in the wash on hot. Other frugalistas will understand because they do it too–washing out plastic Ziplocs in dishwater to save a buck gets old. This tutorial is the simplest I have found, and also happens to be kinda funny. “Don’t think,” the Angry Chicken advises. I used plain gray rip-stop nylon because I couldn’t send Tough Guy to work with his manly sandwich, chips, and fruit in cutesy print baggies like Angry Chicken’s.

Perfect for sandwiches, trail mix, fruit, chips, granola, etc.

Also, totally random… We set up an online pool if you’d like to take a guess as to Bug’s due date, length, and weight. Click here!

My baby shower was Saturday. Cousin Hallie did an amazing job of tending to the details. I don’t think anyone could have understood better than Hallie what a huge heart step it was for me to even agree to a shower.ย  So many special women were there. Hallie made the family recipe for green chili enchiladas. Everyone contributed to a binder full of blessings for Bug and me. Here is my favorite photo:

Check out the stack of books and the belly full of cute baby!

While my sweet mama visited, I was able to borrow a second sewing machine from a friend for our week of nesting. We set up in the living room, two machines whirring away. Mom sewed a set of bumper pads. The gussets and cute ribbon are my favorite details about this project. Aren’t these beautiful?

I was able to sew a crib sheet yesterday. Bug's friends, Bear and Elephant, are from Grandma T โค

It's all in the details...

And my contribution to the sewing frenzy:

I finished the rocker slipcover, and sewed a cow print boppy cover. Cow print nursing pillow... get it? Get it? Haha! Well.. I thought it was funny.

Here is a tutorial of sorts for the slipcover. It’s a very helpful video series, but I have to admit that my mother was the one who taught me how. Miss Mustard Seed also tells about how to prep dropcloth for sewing, to achieve this linen-y look.

I am pleased with how the little nursery area is turning out. Since Bug will be in our room for the first few months, I tried to make his nursery fit into our bedroom instead of trying to make our bedroom fit into his nursery. Everything is black and white/neutral. One of the cutest and most baby-ish parts of the nursery is yet to be completed. A set of spindly branches are hung from the ceiling with fishing line, but I have yet to sew the little birdies for perching. So far, it’s adorable though! I also have a piece of artwork for the wall, tying my “theme” together–His Eye is On the Sparrow. My little sister Katy is contributing to that, using canvas, ink, and Citrasol. Intrigued? Good. We’ll save the birdies and mystery artwork for another blog entry.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Much completed, much to do!


7 thoughts on “Birthday, baby shower, nesting…

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! SO much preciousness!
    1) That belly of yours is adorable!!
    2) LOVE LOVE LOVE the nursery! So fun.
    3) MOO MOO boppy cover = hilarious. You should sell those. I would buy them as baby gifts.
    4) The mobile sounds like the one I made C! Can’t wait to see it!!

  2. I would recommend (if you haven’t already) fray checking the ends of your ribbons on the bumper pads…my MIL made me 2 sets for our cribs and slowly over time the ribbons frayed on me.

    You are more beautiul every day that passes, I am so glad you got time with your momma to indulge your nesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

    When you have a name picked and share I will have a little something to send your way…just fyi. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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