Biscuit Quilt

I have had this source of sanity since March-ish of 2010, just after Sam passed away. It’s my online support group. I have checked in with that group almost every single day since I joined. We share about grief issues, marriage, friendships, pregnancy after loss, faith, and even things as trivial as recipes and preferred diaper brands. It’s all about life after loss, “moving forward” but never “moving on.” I have met one of these women in real life, and the rest I know only through cyberspace, but each member of our little private online group has become precious to me.

So when I learned I was pregnant with Ezra, my rainbow after the storm, I knew I wanted some sort of keepsake in connection with my support group. It just so happens that the group owner, Heidi, is an amazing seamstress and quilter. Requesting that quilt was one of the first of many steps of faith and hope that I took during my pregnancy with Ezra. I had so much hope that I would bring a healthy baby home. And, now, here he is playing on his biscuit quilt, made with love by Heidi.

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I do believe Heidi is taking orders for her business currently. If you would like to see more of her beautiful creations and read about her sweet angel Jamie, visit her blog, Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies.


8 thoughts on “Biscuit Quilt

  1. Oh Megan ~ he is so beautiful! (I can say that now, but will change it to ‘handsome’ in front of him 🙂

    I know you are drinking in every moment.

    I smile.

  2. When I look at this little boy, my heart feels like it may burst….oh how I adore him!!! Those cheeks are fillin up with sugar again…boo needs to come get some!! He is just PRECIOUS and I love the puffy quilt…PERECT!!

  3. Friend, my husband & I lost our son in 2006. My hubby found your blog a while ago and we two have been quietly following your journey. Can I just share with you that strangers are rejoicing with you now and that your little man- and your beautiful faith- have moved me to tears many times now? I cried with joy when he was born- cried for joy for you…

    Blessings to you & yours. When our second son was born (after the loss of our first) he was like a balm of Gilead to me- something about completing the pregnancy/motherhood progression and then having him in my arms to love soothed my grief. I will always miss my son. I think of him every day. But God is so good to give us children who bring us peace and comfort in addition to joy!

    Will continue to follow happily as you continue on your way…

    In Him,


  4. Seeing these pictures, I can totally imagine holding him and smelling that wonderful “baby” smell!!! Congrats!!! I need to get our gift in mail, cuz it is looking like Lil Ezra is not so “lil”!! Ha!

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