A pocket of serenity

Life has been crazy since Ezra got here. Good crazy. Lots of visitors. Lots of dirty diapers, burp cloths all over the house, baths in the kitchen sink, naps on the couch with Baby on chest, pacing the hall in the middle of the night chasing an elusive burp, meals from friends (which are still coming here and there–it’s GOOOOD to have lots of friends!), a photo session with cousin H, lots of snuggling.

I had this moment of peaceful serenity last night, and I thought, “I need to capture this somehow.” Ezra had ceased to fuss, content in the mei tai. The weather had cooled a couple of degrees. The box fan in the window was ushering in fresh air. So I took advantage of the chance to turn on the oven, and was baking cookies and preparing dinner. Claire de Lune in the background…

The key to this entire serene picture is Claire de Lune. Claire de Lune is how I am writing this blog with a contented baby nearby.

I discovered Ezra’s favorite song when his swing was cycling through classical songs, each of which he fussed at until it came to Claire de Lune. Now, lest you think Ezra is a fussy baby, let me assure you that he is not. There is just something about 5 in the evening that gets him to the end of his rope. And there is something about Claire de Lune that remedies 5 in the evening.

Play it. Maybe you will feel less fussy too. I know I do.


2 thoughts on “A pocket of serenity

  1. They don’t call 5pm the “witching hour” for nothing! A few of my kids still reach the end of their ropes around that time as well. ( as do I, some days.) PS- tell Steven that Auntie M is patiently (ha) awaiting new pictures- its been to long 😉

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