Starting cloth diapers

I thought I would give a glimpse into one of many new practices in our little haven since Ezra arrived. Lots of my mommy readers were excited about my using cloth diapers. After giving myself plenty of time to rest, recover, and settle into life with a newborn, I finally started cloth diapering a couple of weeks ago. It’s going well.

I have a stash of two dozen flat diapers, which are basically huge squares of absorbent birdseye cotton. This is the cheapest option  I have come across, and it works well for those using coin-op laundry. Flats, since they are thin when unfolded, come clean in fewer wash cycles. I thought folding them would be a hassle, but I actually enjoy that part too. My favorite fold right now is the origami fold, which creates a nice little pocket around the legs to hold in messes. Over the flats, I use Thirsties Duo wraps, which come in two adjustable sizes that cover birth to potty training. My favorite feature of these wraps: the extra gussets. I like it when messes are held in. The Thirsties were a sweet gift from the owner of Mothering Grace.

I went with old-fashioned flats, but I am loving the modern alternative to pins: the Snappi. It works kind of like the closure for an Ace bandage with “claws” that grip the fabric of the diaper to hold it in place.

I thought I would prefer disposables while we were out and about, but I actually prefer cloth. While Ezra’s had numerous blow-outs with disposables, he has had zero blowouts with cloth so far. I am, however, using disposables at night as I am still in search of a cloth diaper that lets him (and me!) sleep through the night without a change. He’s slept eight hours straight a few times now. Flats will not cut it for that long. There are lots of absorbent, more modern diapers out there, but keeping them clean gets a little complicated. I am considering flats made from more absorbent fibers, bamboo and hemp.

Since cost was the main factor in my decision to cloth diaper, it was fun to figure what I had saved using this calculator. After the initial investment, even with the extra cost of coin-op laundry, this set of diapers will have paid for themselves by just over of two months. Not bad!

In addition to the savings, Ezra’s little cloth-covered hiney is pretty cute to boot. There are lots of adorable patterns and colors out there, but I prefer the classic look of white diapers. Sunshine, I figured out just yesterday, is the best way to get rid of stains and keep his diapers looking a crisp, clean white.

There is something about a line of clean, white flats and covers that reminds me that many mothers have gone before me, and many will follow, and I am content to enjoy these moments with Ezra, at this age, even in the moments I find myself changing diaper after diaper.


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