A few of my favorite things…

As I prepared for Ezra’s arrival, I thought I would be a frugal minimalist when it came to baby gear. While I am certainly a minimalist, there are some things that I have found are worth the extra money and space they take up in our cozy haven.

We received an inordinate number of baby towels before Ezra was born, and my absolute hands-down favorite has been the Pottery Barn hooded towel. It is the thickest, warmest, most absorbent towel ever. Ezra coos and sighs every time we wrap him up in it. I wish they made hooded towels for adults. I would probably never get dressed and just walk around wrapped up in white terry luxury.

I love Aden and Anais muslin blankets. They are soft, lightweight, and cute as a button. I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t get to use them as much since Ezra started breaking out of a straightjacket swaddle on day 3. Apparently, he was so over feeling like he was he was in the womb. But I have still found these to be perfect stroller covers, nursing covers, floor play blankets, lightweight snuggle blankets, burp cloths… these are a must for the summer mama… dare I say every mama?

Ezra’s swing plays fun classical songs and nature sounds. My favorite sound is the white noise. On anti-nap days, setting Ezra in the swing on swing level 6 with white noise sends him right off to dreamland, and I can pick him up and lay him in his crib after he conks out. I also love that this particular model plugs into the wall. I had a number of friends recommend buying a swing off Craigslist, but I unknowingly bought a swing on its last leg off of there before I bought this one, and that was money down the toilet. I am glad to have bought this one brand new as I hope it will last for other babies.

Though I only used the Itzbeen for the first three weeks or so, I loved having it around. I could set an alarm to remind me that Ezra was due for a feeding, time a nap, note when I last changed his diaper. As a new, sleep-deprived mommy, I was, as Steven calls it, baby-fried. The Itzbeen helped me keep track of the essentials of our little schedule.

I know a lot of mommies in small spaces like me opt for the Pack n Play, but I wanted a real crib for cuteness’ sake. We went for the mini-crib. The one I picked has wheels so we can wheel it into the living room for naps during the day or scooch it around to my side of the bed at night. I absolutely recommend a thicker mattress as most mini-cribs arrive with a joke-of-a-mattress piece of foam.

I thought I would end up doing diaper changes on the floor. So I didn’t pick a changing table. When some friends from church offered their changing table, I was happy to accept this little luxury. Turns out, I love being able to stand for diaper changes. Who knew? For fellow mamas looking for inexpensive baskets to fit the standard changing table (can you BELIEVE how much Pottery Barn charges for their baskets?) check out TJ Maxx’s basket selection. I bought six baskets and some black spray paint for less than $50. I will eventually line the baskets with fabric leftover from the bumper pads. Take that, Pottery Barn!

I shared about my dream rocker, and though my initial attraction to the Land of Nod style rocker was sentimental, I have come to regard it as essential for middle of the night feedings. It is my favorite place to curl up with Ezra. And I absolutely must have something to prop my feet up. I went with a cube ottoman. It doesn’t matter what or from where, but a mama’s gotta have something for her feet. Motherhood is hard enough!

These are a few of my favorite things! Right up there with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens 😉 Ezra is a delight, and has started to sleep through the night the past couple of weeks. Hopefully as I catch up on sleep, I will be up for writing more often, and maybe about more than just stuff like diapers and baby gear–I make no promises though.

Speaking of sleep… off to enjoy a few hours of shut-eye before Babybug is up with the sun.


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