Sam’s story featured on Shaped with Love

Hi readers! Sam’s story was featured on Dr. Megan Osbourne’s ministry blog, Shaped with Love. “God has given me this ministry to equip moms to nurturing a healthy body esteem within themselves and their little ones,” Dr. Osbourne told me. “A foundational piece of my ministry is sharing how God fearfully and wonderfully made our children and ourselves too.”

As you all know, I love when others learn about my special boy. I love that even more people will learn about my fearfully and wonderfully made little Sammy. Click here to see the entry.

I will eventually get back to writing more regularly, especially about things of the Lord and of the heart. I am finding that having a summer baby is fun in that so many are able to visit to meet him, but I am also ready to get back into a routine. We have a little more traveling to do, and then we’re sinking into a quiet fall season. I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their summer!


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